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A coach is not a sponsor, counselor, nurse, doctor, attorney or minister. But, there's a lot a coach is...

The Chicago Recovery Coach

To help create order from the chaos, The Chicago Recovery Coach has four driving goals:  Promote Recovery, Remove Barriers, Connect Resources, and Encourage Hope, Optimism, and Healthy Living...
Confidently and with Confidentiality.

The Chicago Recovery Coach responsibilities include:

Motivator: Encourages and celebrates change, believes in the capacity to change.

Confidant: Actively listens, stable and consistent

Truth-teller: Provides honest and helpful information, IDs patterns, offers suggestions, doesn't co-sign BS.

Role model: Walks the talk.

Resource broker: Has established contacts in the local recovery community, knows they systems and modalities of care.

Advocate: "A" Advocate for recovery, "a" advocate for the client.